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    Explore the MATES Visa with CIS: A Gateway for Young Professionals to Australia

     Why Consider the MATES Visa for Australia?

    CIS (Chiltern Immigration Services) offers expert guidance in navigating the Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme (MATES) Visa, part of the Migration and Mobility Partnership Arrangement between India and Australia. This pilot program aims to facilitate the migration of young Indian professionals and graduates to Australia, offering them the opportunity to live, work, and gain valuable experience in Australia for up to two years without needing a sponsorship.

     Understanding the MATES Visa Program

    The MATES Visa is designed specifically for young professionals and graduates from India, targeting an annual issuance of 3000 temporary visas. This program allows eligible candidates to explore professional opportunities and gain global work exposure in Australia.

     Advantages of the Australia MATES Visa
    • Annual Visa Quota: Targeting 3000 visas each year for skilled young professionals.
    • Professional Development: Gain significant work experience in Australia.
    • Two-Year Stay: Opportunity to live and work in Australia for up to two years.
    • Multiple Entries: Freedom to travel in and out of Australia during the visa period.
    • No Sponsorship Requirement: Independent migration opportunity without employer sponsorship.

     Eligible Fields for the MATES Visa

    The MATES Visa caters to graduates in specialized fields such as:

    • Engineering
    • Mining
    • Financial Technology
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Information & Communication Technology
    • Agricultural Technology
    • Renewable Energy
     Eligibility Criteria for the MATES Visa
    • Age Limit: Candidates must be below 31 years old.
    • Educational Background: Graduation from a recognized and verified university.
    • Field of Study: Degrees in eligible fields of occupation.
    • Recent Graduation: Candidates should be recent graduates at the early stage of their careers.
     Requirements for the MATES Visa
    • Age: Applicants should be 31 years or younger.
    • University: Graduation from an eligible Indian university.
    • Field of Study: Adequate educational qualifications in specified fields.
    • Career Stage: Early career stage post-graduation.
     MATES Visa Processing Details
    • Fee: To be announced.
    • Processing Time: To be announced.
     CIS Services for MATES Visa Applicants
    • Eligibility Assessment: Utilize the Australia Immigration Points Calculator.
    • Personalized Guidance: Expert counseling for Australia Immigration.
    • Language Preparation: PTE and IELTS coaching services.
    • Career Counseling: Professional advice to align your career with Australian opportunities.
    • Job Search Assistance: Support in finding suitable job opportunities in Australia.

    Engage with CIS for comprehensive assistance in applying for the MATES Visa, paving your way to a rewarding professional journey in Australia.