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     Unite with Your Parents in Australia: Parent Migration Visa Assistance by CIS

    CIS (Chiltern Immigration Services) specializes in assisting Australian permanent residents and citizens in sponsoring their parents for a Parent Migration Visa. With our extensive experience and deep understanding of Australian immigration policies, we are committed to helping you reunite with your parents in Australia.

     Overview of Australia Parent Migration Visa

    The Australia Parent Migration Visa enables parents of Australian PR holders or citizens to join their children in Australia. This program offers two main visa types:

     Non-Contributory Parent Visas
    • Nature: Long-term PR visa with more affordable fees.
    • Processing Time: Extremely lengthy, potentially over 30 years.
    • Visiting Option: Subclass 600 for visits up to 18 months.
     Contributory Parent Visas
    • Nature: Fast-track PR visa with shorter processing times, typically 5-6 years.
    • Cost: Higher than the non-contributory option but faster processing.
     Privileges of Parent Migration Visa Holders
    • Permanent Residency: Indefinite stay in Australia.
    • Work and Study Rights: Full access to work and study opportunities.
    • Healthcare Access: Enrollment in public healthcare schemes.
    • Family Sponsorship: Option to sponsor other relatives for Australian visas.
    • Path to Citizenship: Eligibility for Australian citizenship.
     Eligibility Criteria for Parent Visas
    • Child in Australia: Must have a child who is an Australian citizen, PR, or eligible NZ citizen.
    • Residence Requirement: Child must have lawfully resided in Australia for at least two years.
    • Sponsorship: Requires a sponsor.
    • Balance of Family Test: Must meet specific family-related criteria.
    • Health and Character: Compliance with health and character standards.
     Documentation Requirements for Parent Visas
    • Proof of Relationship: Evidence of being the parent of an Australian citizen or PR.
    • Family Proportion: Majority of children must be permanent residents in Australia.
    • Health and Character: Meet visa conditions and Australian standards.
    • Financial Capability: Sponsor’s financial ability to support the applicant.
    • Travel History: Passport and previous travel records.
     Temporary Parent Visa (Subclass 870) Features
    • Annual Cap: Limited to 15,000 visas each financial year.
    • Duration and Cost: Options for three or five years at AUD 5,735 and AUD 11,470, respectively.
    • Renewability: Potential for a total of 10 years stay.
    • Work Restriction: Visa holders cannot work in Australia.
     Visa Conditions and Eligibility
    • Sponsorship Approval: Child must be approved as a parent sponsor.
    • Income Requirement: Demonstrated taxable income or combined income.
    • Health Insurance: Adequate coverage for the duration of the stay.
    • Previous Visa Compliance: Adherence to conditions of previous Australian visas.
     CIS Assistance for Parent Migration Visa Applicants
    • Eligibility Evaluation: Assessing your case for the best visa option.
    • Documentation Checklist: Ensuring all necessary documents are prepared.
    • Application Processing: Handling forms, documentation, and filing.
    • Updates and Follow-up: Regular communication throughout the process.
    • Relocation Support: Assistance with settling in Australia post-arrival.
     Get Started with CIS

    The Australia Parent Migration Visa operates under a capped system. To maximize your chances of a successful application, start the process early with CIS. Our team is ready to provide you with professional, reliable support for your visa application.

     Additional Visa Categories
    • Subclass 173: Temporary Contributory Parent Visa.
    • Subclass 864: Onshore Aged Contributory Parent Visa.
    • Subclass 300: Prospective Marriage Visa.
    • Subclass 103: Parent Visa.

    Contact CIS to begin the journey of bringing your parents to Australia, ensuring a smooth and efficient visa application experience.