Short Term Temporary Work – Subclass 400

Navigate Temporary Work in Australia with CIS: Visa Subclass 400

 Seize Australian Opportunities with Visa Subclass 400

CIS (Chiltern Immigration Services) specializes in guiding skilled professionals through the application process for the Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (Subclass 400). This visa is tailored for highly skilled international professionals whose expertise is scarce in the Australian workforce, offering a streamlined visa process with the potential to include family members as dependents.

 Subclass 400: A Gateway for Skilled Professionals

The Subclass 400 visa is designed for specific jobs requiring unique skill sets not readily available in Australia. This visa allows for either multiple or single entries based on the conditions of the visa issued and is valid for up to 6 months.

 Benefits of the Subclass 400 Visa
  • Short-Term Employment: Enables work in Australia on a temporary basis.
  • Skill-Based Entry: Requires proof of specialized skills and knowledge.
  • Duration: Allows work for 3 months, extendable to 6 months in certain cases.
  • Family Inclusion: Option to bring family members.
 Eligibility Criteria for Subclass 400
  • Specialized Skills: Unique skills not available within the Australian workforce.
  • Work Experience: Necessary amount of relevant work experience.
  • Financial Support: Ability to support oneself and dependents during the stay.
  • Health and Character: Compliance with Australian health and character standards.
  • Genuine Visitor: Valid reasons for entering and staying in Australia.
  • Visa History: No previous visa refusals or cancellations.
 Subclass 400 Visa Requirements
  • Nomination or Invitation: Proof of being invited or nominated for specific work in Australia.
  • Age Proof: Evidence of age at the time of application.
  • Financial Debts: Clearance of any debts to the Australian government.
  • Financial Capacity: Proof of financial capability to support stay in Australia.
  • Work or Business Proof: Evidence of planned work or business in Australia.
  • Genuine Entry: Confirmation of genuine intent to stay temporarily.
  • No Study Intent: Undertaking not to engage in study activities in Australia.
  • Stay Duration: Commitment to adhere to the visa duration.
  • Specialized Skill Proof: Evidence of possessing a skill not readily available in Australia.
  • Family Member Age: Proof that accompanying family members are over 18 years of age.
  • Visa History: No prior visa refusals or cancellations.
  • Australian Values Agreement: Acknowledgment of adherence to Australian values.
  • Health and Character: Confirmation of meeting health and character requirements.
 Application Steps for Australia Temporary Work Visa
  1. Eligibility Check: Verify all criteria are met.
  2. Requirement Fulfillment: Ensure all necessary documents and proofs are in place.
  3. Visa Application: Submit the visa application to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).
  4. Visa Status: Await visa approval from DHA.
  5. Travel Preparation: Plan your journey to Australia upon visa approval.
 CIS Support for Subclass 400 Visa Applicants
  • Eligibility Assessment: Use the Australia Immigration Points Calculator.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive counseling for Australian Immigration.
  • Language Coaching: Access PTE and IELTS coaching services.
  • Career Counseling: Schedule a session for professional guidance.
  • PR Visa Assistance: Complete support for Australian PR visa application.
  • Job Search Support: Assistance in finding suitable employment in Australia.

Engage with CIS for expert assistance in applying for the Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa Subclass 400, opening the door to unique work opportunities in Australia.