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     Discover Australia with Chiltern Immigration Services (CIS) – Tourist Visa Guidance

    Chiltern Immigration Services (CIS) offers comprehensive assistance for obtaining an Australian Tourist Visa, opening doors to the vibrant and diverse landscapes of Australia. Experience the pristine beaches, unique wildlife, and rich cultural heritage with our expert visa services.

     Exploring Australia on a Tourist Visa

    Australia, renowned for its stunning beaches, diverse marine life, and the world’s oldest continuous civilization, offers a unique travel experience. From witnessing kangaroos and koalas to exploring the whitest sands, an Australian Tourist Visa is your gateway to unforgettable adventures.

     Types of Australian Tourist Visas
    • Tourist Visitor Visa: Ideal for leisure, recreation, or family visits. Available to applicants both outside and within Australia.
    • Business Visitor Visa: For short business trips and event attendance.
    • Sponsored Family Visitor Visa: For family members sponsored by an Australian citizen, typically parents.
    Benefits of an Australian Tourist Visa
    • Independence: No sponsor requirement.
    • Flexibility: Eligible for multiple visits.
    • Accessibility: Apply at your nearest visa office.
     Eligibility Criteria
    • Financial Stability: Adequate funds for the trip.
    • Valid Documentation: Necessary documents and, if required, invitation letters from sponsors.
    • Visa Requirements: Depending on the country, a temporary resident visa may be necessary.
     Application Process for Indian Applicants
    1. Initial Consultation: Pay CIS registration fees for expert guidance.
    2. Online Application: Complete the Australian Visitor Visa application form.
    3. Document Submission: Provide all necessary documentation.
    4. Visa Fees: Pay the applicable visa fees (AUD 190 or as per current rates).
    5. Visa Outcome: Receive your visa decision from Australian Immigration.
     Processing Time and Fees
    Visa Type Processing Time 
    Tourist visitor2 to 4 weeks 
    Business visitor2 to 4 weeks 
    Sponsored family visitor2 to 4 weeks
    • Standard Single Entry Visa (3 months): AUD 145
    • Multiple Entry Visa (3 months): AUD 365
    • 6-month duration: AUD 555
    • 12-month duration: AUD 1,065
     CIS Assistance for Your Australia Tourist Visa
    • Visa Evaluation: Determine the most suitable visa type for your needs.
    • Document Guidance: Complete support in document collection and preparation.
    • Application Assistance: Help in filling out online application forms accurately.
    • Review and Verification: Thorough review of all documents to ensure compliance.
    • End-to-End Support: Assistance throughout the application process.

    Embark on your Australian journey with Chiltern Immigration Services. Our commitment to excellence and personalized support makes us your ideal partner for a successful Australian tourist visa application.