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    Navigate the Canada Intra Company Transfer (ICT) with Chiltern Immigration Services (CIS)

    Canada’s Intra Company Transfer (ICT) is a pivotal program for international businesses aiming to expand in Canada. This pathway not only facilitates business growth but also offers avenues for personal residency benefits.

     Canada Intra Company Transfer: An Overview
    • Purpose: Establish and grow your business operations in Canada.
    • Benefits: Pathway to Canadian Permanent Residency, study permits for children, open work permits for spouses, and opportunities to create local employment.
    Understanding the ICT Program
    • Category: Part of the International Mobility Program.
    • Eligibility: Targeted at foreign business owners, entrepreneurs, and key company stakeholders.
    • Outcome: Work permit for the primary applicant, open work permit for the spouse, and study permits for children.
     Eligibility Criteria for ICT

    The ICT is designed for well-established global firms to expand in Canada. Eligible individuals include:

    • Business owners, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders with executive roles.
    • Senior and functional managers intending to hold similar positions in Canada.
    • Key personnel with specialized knowledge.
     Intra-Company Transfer Canada Requirements

    To qualify for an ICT work permit, applicants must meet several criteria:

    • Operational Tenure: The existing company must be operational for at least 12 months, ideally three years, before expanding to Canada.
    • Financial Stability: The company must be financially robust to support Canadian operations.
    • Employment History: Applicants should have a minimum of 12 months’ employment in the original company within the last three years.
    • Business Relation: The Canadian company must be a parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of the original company.
    • Business Plan: A viable plan demonstrating the feasibility and job creation potential in Canada.
     Investment Considerations
    • Minimum Investment: No specified amount by the Canadian government.
    • Suggested Capital: Companies should demonstrate annual gross sales over $250,000 and have at least $100,000 in liquid funds for the first year’s operational costs.
     ICT Work Permit Application Process
    1. Company Registration: Register your business in Canada.
    2. Business Plan Development: Include proposed activities, market research, recruitment plan, and cash flow projections.
    3. Document Preparation: Gather necessary documents like incorporation papers, bank statements, etc.
    4. Work Permit Application: Submit the application and await the decision.
     Processing Time
    • Standard Duration: Check IRCC’s website for specific country times.
    • Average Times: Varies by office; expedited decisions possible in some cases.
     Duration of ICT Work Permits
    • Typical Validity: One to two years, extendable for up to five years for knowledge workers and seven years for executives.
    • Initial Grants: New companies may receive one-year permits.
     Transitioning to Permanent Residency
    • Eligibility: Full-time employment for one year in Canada can lead to Express Entry eligibility.
    • Additional Points: Job offers from Canadian businesses can significantly boost CRS scores.
     How CIS Can Assist You

    Chiltern Immigration Services offers a full spectrum of support:

    • Eligibility Assessment: Using the Canada Immigration Points Calculator.
    • Immigration Counseling: Expert guidance for navigating Canada’s immigration pathways.
    • Coaching Services: Professional coaching for CELPIP and IELTS.
    • Career Counseling: Tailored advice to align your aspirations with Canadian opportunities.
    • PR Application Assistance: Complete support for applying for Canada PR visa.
    • Job Search Services: Assistance in finding suitable caregiver jobs in Canada.

    Let CIS be your partner in charting a successful business and personal journey in Canada through the ICT program.