Finland Work Visa

Navigating Finland Work Permit Process with CIS

Exploring Professional Opportunities in Finland

Finland, known for its breathtaking landscapes and high quality of life, is increasingly becoming a popular destination for expatriates seeking career growth. Helsinki, its vibrant capital, offers a myriad of job opportunities, especially in software engineering, maritime, and automobile manufacturing sectors. CIS (Chiltern Immigration Services) is committed to assisting professionals in securing a Finland work permit, simplifying the transition to this Nordic wonderland.

 The Finnish Job Market: A Hub of Opportunities
  • Growing Demand: Over the next few years, Finland is set to recruit over 10,000 software engineers and 30,000 professionals in maritime and automobile sectors.
  • Economic Growth: The influx of foreign workers is pivotal in sustaining Finland’s economic development.
 Finland Work Visa Options

For non-EU citizens, obtaining a residence permit is essential before embarking on their Finnish work journey. The types of work permits available are:

  1. Business Visa: Suitable for short stays up to 90 days, typically for attending seminars or conferences. It doesn’t allow direct job engagement.
  2. Residence Permit for Self-Employment: For entrepreneurs and business associates. Requires registration with the Trade Register at the National Patent and Registration Board.
  3. Residence Permit for an Employed Person: The most common work visa, subdivided into:
  • Continuous (A): For ongoing residency.
  • Temporary (B): Fixed-term residency, generally valid for one year.
  • Permanent (P): For long-term residency.
 Document Requirements for Finland Work Permit
  • Employment Contract: From the Finnish employer.
  • Valid Passport and Photo: Current and valid for travel.
  • Residence Permit Application: Mandatory for work.
  • Medical Certificates: Ensuring health standards.
 Application Process for Finland Work Permit
  • Job Offer: Obtain an offer from a Finnish company.
  • Residence Permit Application: Apply online via Enter Finland portal.
  • Diplomatic Mission Visit: Within three months of application, with all original documents and fingerprints.
  • Assessment by Employment Office: Verification of qualifications and employment terms.
  • Decision by Migri: The Finnish Immigration Service finalizes the application.
  • Residence Permit Card Issuance: The initial permit is valid for one year and can be renewed.
 Processing Time and Work Permit Cost
  • Standard Processing Time: The exact duration may vary, but initial permits are usually processed within a few months.
  • Permit Fees: Vary depending on the type of work visa and permit duration.
 CIS: Your Guide to Finland Work Visa

CIS offers comprehensive support for your Finland work visa process:

  • Document Checklist: Ensuring all necessary paperwork is prepared.
  • Application Guidance: Assistance in filling out forms and application filing.
  • Regular Updates: Keeping you informed throughout the application process.
 Embark on Your Finnish Career Journey with CIS

Finland’s commitment to work-life balance, coupled with its booming job market, makes it an ideal destination for professionals seeking a blend of career advancement and quality living. With CIS guiding your journey, unlock the door to a fulfilling career in Finland, a country where professional aspirations and personal well-being go hand in hand.