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    Reuniting Families in Germany: A Pathway to Togetherness

    The German Family Reunion Visa is a pivotal channel facilitating the unification of non-EU immigrants working in Germany with their family members. This visa endorses both temporary and permanent familial reunification, underpinning Germany’s commitment to family values and social integration.

     Eligibility Criteria for German Family Reunion Visa

    To qualify for this visa, the following conditions must be met by immigrant workers in Germany:

    1. Sufficient Income: Demonstrable ability to financially support the family in Germany.
    2. Adequate Housing: Proof of sufficient living space for the family.
    3. Language Proficiency: Basic knowledge of German by family members.
    4. Age Limit for Children: Children must be below 18 years.
    5. Residence Permit: Possession of a temporary or permanent residence permit or an EU Blue Card.
    6. Health Insurance: Comprehensive health insurance coverage for the family.
     Exceptions for Spouses/Partners

    Spouses or partners may not require German language proficiency or a visa if:

    • The primary applicant holds an EU Blue Card.
    • They are employed as a research scientist or highly skilled worker in Germany.
    • The partner possesses a university degree.
     Required Documentation for German Family Reunion Visa
    1. Accommodation Proof: Evidence of sufficient living space.
    2. Language Skills Certificate: Proof of German proficiency (A1 level).
    3. For Spouse/Partner Sponsorship:
      1. Marriage or partnership certificate (translated and legalized).
      2. Copy of German spouse’s passport/ID card or residency proof if non-German.
    4. For Child Sponsorship:
    • Birth certificate.
    • Proof of nationality.
    • Evidence of parental care and custody right.
     Sponsoring Dependent Children
    • Minor Children: Both parents must reside in Germany, or a single parent with sole custody can bring the child.
    • Adult Children: Unmarried adults can apply for alternative visas like tourist, student, or employment visas.
     Employment Rights on Family Visa

    Adults arriving on a family reunion visa are permitted to work, provided the relative they are joining meets certain criteria, like holding an employment-authorized residence permit, an EU Blue Card, or being a highly skilled worker or researcher.

     Processing Time for Visa Application

    The processing duration for family reunion visas varies, typically ranging from a few weeks to several months, dependent on the interview scheduling at the German embassy.

     CIS (Chiltern Immigration Services): Streamlining Your Family Reunion Visa Process

    CIS assists with the German Family Reunion Visa process by offering:

    • Documentation Advice: Guidance on required documents and financial proof.
    • Application Assistance: Support in completing the application.
    • Document Review: Ensuring all submissions are accurate and comprehensive.
     Why Choose Germany for Family Reunion?
    • Economic Stability: Germany’s strong economy provides a secure environment for families.
    • Social Benefits: Access to world-class healthcare, education, and social security systems.
    • Cultural Integration: A diverse and inclusive society welcoming to immigrants.
    • Geographical Advantage: Central location in Europe, ideal for travel and exploration.

    The German Family Reunion Visa offers a significant opportunity for immigrant workers in Germany to bring their families and build a life together. With CIS’s dedicated support and expert guidance, the journey to family reunification in Germany becomes seamless and efficient, ensuring a smooth transition to a new life in a nurturing environment.