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    Accelerate Your Canadian Journey with the Global Skills Strategy (GSS) Visa through Chiltern Immigration Services (CIS)

    The Global Skills Strategy (GSS) Visa is a streamlined path for skilled professionals to work in Canada. This initiative is tailored for those looking to quickly establish their careers in Canada, offering processing times as short as two weeks.

     Overview of Canada’s GSS Visa
    • Quick Entry: Start working in Canada within 15 days.
    • Processing Time: Just two weeks to process.
    • Target Group: Talented skilled professionals seeking rapid entry into Canada.
    • Eligibility: High eligibility for foreign skilled workers.
    The Global Skills Strategy (GSS)

    Designed to help Canadian companies recruit top global talent swiftly, the GSS offers a quick and predictable process for hiring foreign skilled workers.

     Components of the GSS
    • Two-Week Processing: Applies to both skilled professionals and their dependents.
    • Global Talent Stream: For employers to access global talent.
    • Work Permit Exemptions: For short-term business visits to Canada.
     Eligibility Criteria for GSS Visa
    • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) Exemption: Required for two-week processing.
    • Skill Types: Jobs in NOC TEER 0 or TEER 1 (as per NOC 2021).
    • Employer Compliance: Job offer submission via the Employer Portal and compliance fee payment.
    • International Experience Canada: Not eligible for two-week processing.
     Application Requirements for GSS Visa

    When applying from outside Canada, you’ll need:

    • Completed application form.
    • Health examination, if required.
    • Police clearance certificates.
    • Translations for non-English or non-French documents.
    • Processing fees and biometrics submission.
     Steps to Apply for GSS Visa
    1. Begin with Work Permit Application: Choose ‘Apply Online’.
    2. Select Country of Application: Ensure you’re applying from the correct territory.
    3. Document Preparation: Download visa office-specific requirements and include authorized translations for non-English/French documents.
    4. Submit a Complete Application: This includes all necessary translations, medical exams, and police certificates.
     How Chiltern Immigration Services (CIS) Can Assist

    CIS offers comprehensive support for your GSS Visa application:

    • Coaching Services: Enhance your standardized test scores with our coaching.
    • Eligibility Evaluation: Use our Canada Immigration Points Calculator for a free assessment.
    • Job Search Assistance: Find suitable employment opportunities in Canada.
    • Expert Counseling: Receive guidance on initiating the process and selecting suitable jobs.
    • Informative Webinars: Gain insights from our webinars on Canada work and immigration.
    • Step-by-Step Guidance: Navigate the Canadian work landscape with our expert advice.

    Embark on a fast-tracked journey to working in Canada with the GSS Visa and the expert assistance of Chiltern Immigration Services.