Japan Work Visa

 Japan: A Land of Advanced Opportunities and Cultural Richness

Japan’s growing economy and unique cultural landscape make it an enticing destination for professionals around the world. With a significant foreign resident population, Japan offers diverse career opportunities across various sectors. CIS (Chiltern Immigration Services) specializes in guiding you through the Japan work visa process, ensuring a successful transition to working in Japan.

 Why Pursue a Career in Japan?
  • Diverse Job Market: Flourishing sectors include IT, engineering, banking, teaching, and translation.
  • Gateway to Permanent Residency: Working in Japan can lead to faster eligibility for permanent residency.
  • Business Expansion: Ideal for entrepreneurs looking to explore new markets.
 Benefits of a Japan Work Visa
  • Business Growth: Opportunity to expand operations in Japan.
  • Long-Term Stay: Possibility of extending your stay for work purposes.
  • Employee Advantages: Including social insurance, housing benefits, and transportation allowances.
  • Spousal Employment: Spouses of work visa holders can also work full-time.
 Types of Japan Work Visas
  1. Specified Skilled Worker Visa: For labor sectors with a goal to bring in 500,000 new workers by 2025.
  2. Specified Skills Visa 1 (SSV1): Targeted at specific industries like agriculture and nursing care, requiring language proficiency and technical exams.
  3. Specified Skills Visa 2 (SSV2): For those upgrading from SSV1, allowing family members to join in Japan.
 Eligibility for Japan Work Visa
  • Valid Passport: At least 3 months validity from the planned trip.
  • Job Offer: From a Japan-based company.
  • Documentation: Including invitation letter, itinerary, and guarantee letter.
 Japan Work Visa Requirements
  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE): Essential for the visa application.
  • Application Form: Fully completed.
  • Passport Copy: With a valid expiry date.
  • Job Offer Confirmation: From the employer in Japan.
 Application Process for Japan Work Permit
  1. Select Visa Type: Choose the appropriate work visa category.
  2. Eligibility Confirmation: Ensure you meet the criteria.
  3. Online Application: Complete the necessary forms.
  4. Biometric Submission: Provide fingerprints and a photograph.
  5. Fee Payment: Pay the applicable visa fees.
  6. Embassy Appointment: Schedule a meeting at the Japanese embassy.
  7. Document Submission: Present all required documentation.
  8. Visa Interview: Attend the interview for final approval.
 Processing Time and Cost
  • Processing Duration: Typically 5-10 days, subject to individual circumstances.
  • Visa Fees: JPY 3,000 for single entry; JPY 6,000 for multiple entries.
 How CIS Can Assist You
  • Visa Type Evaluation: Guidance on selecting the right visa.
  • Document Preparation: Assistance in gathering and preparing all necessary documents.
  • Application Filing: Help with form completion and submission.
  • Document Review: Ensuring all paperwork is accurate and complete.
Start Your Japanese Career Journey with CIS

Embrace the opportunity to grow your career in Japan, a country where innovation meets tradition. With CIS guiding your journey, unlock the door to a world of professional opportunities in one of the most technologically advanced and culturally rich nations. Contact CIS today to embark on your path to working in Japan, a country offering a unique blend of career growth and life experiences.