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    Realize Your Potential in Australia: Skilled Recognition Visa Subclass 476

    CIS (Chiltern Immigration Services) is dedicated to assisting skilled engineering graduates in harnessing the opportunities offered by the Skilled Recognition Visa Subclass 476. This visa provides a unique pathway for engineers to live, work, and study in Australia for 18 months, bringing along eligible family members and exploring pathways to Australian Permanent Residency.

     Skilled Recognition Visa Subclass 476: A Unique Opportunity for Engineering Graduates

    The Subclass 476 visa is specifically designed for recent engineering graduates, offering a temporary stay in Australia for up to 18 months. To be eligible, candidates must have completed their engineering degree from a recognized institution within the last two years. This visa category does not permit reapplication, encouraging holders to consider extending their stay through other visa options.

     Advantages of the Subclass 476 Visa
    • Freedom of Movement: Live and work anywhere in Australia.
    • Employment and Education: Opportunities to work or study during the visa’s validity.
    • Pathway to PR: Eligibility to apply for Australian Permanent Residency.
    • Unrestricted Travel: Multiple entries and exits from Australia.
    • Family Inclusion: Eligibility to include family members in the visa application.
     Subclass 476 Visa Requirements
    • Age Limit: Applicants must be under 31 years.
    • Financial Stability: No outstanding debts to the Australian government.
    • Engineering Qualification: A degree in engineering is mandatory.
    • Health and Character: Compliance with health and character requirements.
    • English Proficiency: Necessary language skills (except for certain passport holders).
    • Visa Status: Applicants should not hold visas such as Subclass 485.
    • Parental Consent: Required for applicants with children under 18.
     Eligibility Criteria for the Subclass 476 Visa
    • Education: Recent engineering degree from an eligible institution.
    • Visa History: No previous visa cancellations or rejections in Australia.
    • Financial Records: No registered debts in Australia.
    • Legal Agreement: Adherence to Australian laws and regulations.
    • Health and Character: Medical fitness and character suitability.
     Universities Eligible for the Subclass 476 Visa

    A comprehensive list of recognized universities worldwide is available, covering various countries and including prominent institutions known for their engineering programs.

     Application Steps for the Subclass 476 Visa
    • Online Application: Apply through the ImmiAccount.
    • Document Submission: Provide necessary documents.
    • Fee Payment: Complete the visa fee payment.
    • Application Tracking: Await processing and notification.
     Processing Time for the Subclass 476 Visa
    • Standard Processing: Approximately 12 months.
    • Extended Processing: Up to 17 months in some cases.
     CIS Services for Subclass 476 Visa Applicants
    • Free Eligibility Assessment: Utilize the Australia Immigration Points Calculator.
    • Expert Guidance: Receive professional advice for Australian Immigration.
    • Language Coaching: Access PTE and IELTS coaching services.
    • Career Counseling: Book sessions for comprehensive career guidance.
    • PR Visa Assistance: Get support for Australian PR visa application.
    • Job Search Assistance: Help in finding relevant job opportunities in Australia.
     Important Update

    The Australian government has announced the upcoming pause of the Skilled Recognition Visa Subclass 476. Applications submitted post-December 22, 2023, will be eligible for a refund of the Visa Application Charge. Affected applicants will receive guidance on claiming refunds.

    Contact CIS today to start your journey towards a successful Australian Skilled Recognition Visa Subclass 476 application.