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    Exploring Canada as a Digital Nomad with CIS (Chiltern Immigration Services)

    Canada’s Welcoming Approach to Digital Nomads

    Canada is stepping up as a significant hub in the global tech landscape, actively seeking individuals with expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to drive innovation and job creation. The Canadian Digital Nomad Visa is an initiative designed to attract remote workers who can contribute to this evolving ecosystem.

    Who is a Digital Nomad?

    A Digital Nomad is someone who works remotely and can perform their job from virtually any global location. Canada’s visitor visa category now caters to Digital Nomads, enabling them to:

    • Reside in Canada for up to six months.
    • Work remotely for non-Canadian employers.
    • Search for job opportunities and attend interviews within Canada.

    However, Digital Nomads under this visa category cannot be employed by Canadian companies unless they switch to an appropriate work permit.

    Digital Nomad Visa Eligibility Criteria
    • Employment outside Canada with the ability to work remotely.
    • Proof of financial sustenance for up to six months in Canada.
    • Accommodation arrangements in Canada, preferably with connections such as friends or family.
    Advantages of the Canadian Digital Nomad Visa
    • No age limit.
    • No IELTS or language proficiency requirement.
    • No CRS score or points system needed.
    • No Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) required.
    • Fast processing within 28 days.
    • Direct application process without waiting for ITAs.
    • In-person job search and interview opportunities.
    • Potential to earn in Canadian dollars.
    • Possibility of converting to a work permit or PR after securing a job in Canada.
    Required Documentation
    • Six months of bank statements as proof of funds.
    • Current employment offer letter and payslips.
    • Updated resume.
    • Work experience documents.
    • Proof of accommodation.
    Post-Visa Opportunities
    • Apply for a Canadian Work Permit.
    • Pathway to Permanent Residency.
    • Option to renew the Digital Nomad Visa.
    Application Process for Canada Digital Nomad Visa
    1. Eligibility Check: Ensure you meet the visa requirements.
    2. Document Preparation: Gather necessary documents.
    3. Visa Application Submission: Apply for the Digital Nomad Visa.
    4. Document Submission: Provide all required documentation.
    5. Visa Decision: Await the decision within 28 days.
    Visa Application Costs
    Type of feeCAD
    Visa application fee100 
    Biometric fee85
    CIS’s Role in Your Digital Nomad Journey

    CIS, a leading immigration consultancy, specializes in assisting individuals to embrace the Canadian Digital Nomad lifestyle. We offer:

    • Job search assistance for positions in Canada.
    • Guidance for transitioning from a Digital Nomad Visa to a Canada PR visa.
    • Expertise in document preparation and visa application procedures.
    Initiate Your Canadian Adventure

    Start your journey to Canada today. Register for a free consultation with CIS to explore your visa options and embark on your digital nomad path in Canada.