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    Invest and Settle in the UK with CIS (Chiltern Immigration Services)

     Unlocking Business Opportunities in the United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom offers a promising path for investors and entrepreneurs through the UK Innovator Founder Visa. This visa category, ideal for seasoned business individuals, facilitates the establishment of innovative businesses in the UK. With CIS (Chiltern Immigration Services), you can navigate your investment journey efficiently, minimizing risks and maximizing the program’s potential.

     Benefits of the UK Innovator Founder Visa
    • Investment Flexibility: No minimum investment requirement, dependent on the business plan.
    • Family Inclusion: Live in the UK with your family for an initial 3 years.
    • Visa Extension: Opportunity to extend the visa for an additional 2 years.
    • Access to UK Benefits: Eligibility for UK healthcare and educational services.
    • Streamlined Process: Efficient processing of visa applications.
     UK Innovator Founder Visa Requirements
    • Age Criterion: Must be at least 18 years old.
    • Business Plan Submission: Detailed plan for the proposed business venture.
    • Business Approval: Endorsement by an expert panel.
    • Required Documentation: Endorsement letter, IELTS score of 5.5, TB test certificate (if applicable).
     Applying for the UK Innovator Founder Visa
    1. Online Application Form: Fill out and submit the application.
    2. Document Submission: Provide necessary documents in accepted formats (JPG, PNG, PDF, JPEG).
    3. Fee Payment: Cover the visa fee and healthcare surcharge.
    4. Appointment Booking: Schedule a meeting at the visa application center.
    5. Application Processing: Await the decision on your visa application.
     Eligibility for the UK Innovator Founder Visa

    The Innovator Founder Visa operates on a points-based system, evaluating criteria such as investment funds, language skills, and maintenance funds.

    Key Eligibility Points:
    • Innovative business or idea endorsed by an approved body.
    • Non-EEA and non-Swiss nationality.
    • Sufficient investment funds as per the business needs.
    • Fulfillment of other essential eligibility requirements.
     Additional Eligibility Criteria

    Entrepreneurs need to satisfy these criteria alongside their business acumen:

    • Age Requirement: Minimum 18 years.
    • Business Approval: Concept must receive endorsement.
    • Business Plan: A viable and strategic business proposal.
    • Financial Stability: Adequate funds for self and dependents.
    • Language Proficiency: English communication at B2 level.
    • Health Standards: Meet the general health criteria.
    • Clear Background: Absence of criminal history.
     Embark on Your UK Business Venture

    CIS (Chiltern Immigration Services) offers expert guidance and strategic planning for your UK Innovator Founder Visa application. From initial assessment to successful settlement, CIS ensures a smooth transition for you and your family to the UK. Start your investment journey today with CIS, your trusted partner in unlocking UK business opportunities.